As a new initiative, we have established a technical track entitled "Extended Abstract". This TT focuses on the exchange of research ideas and results. Authors need only submit a long abstract (digest version of the paper) of no more than two pages. We hope this will facilitate participation, especially by graduate students and young professionals. Please note that these extended abstracts will not be included in IEEE Xplore, but only in the conference proceedings. Published results can also be submitted.

TT01: ICPS Theory and Technologies

Track Chairs: Bugra Alkan (UK), Shen Yin (CN), and Daniel Vera (UK)

TT02: ICPS Engineering

Track Chairs: Thomas I. Strasser (AT), Tullio Facchinetti (IT), Dawei Shi (CN), and Yuzhe Li (CN)

TT03: ICPS Applications

Track Chairs: Marek Jasinski (PL), Xiaofeng Zong (CN), Mingxi Liu (US)

TT04: ICPS Management and Ecosystems

Track Chairs: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos (PT), Luca Leonardi (IT), Luis Ribeiro (SE), and Xiangyu Meng (US)

TT05: ICPS Advanced Modeling and Optimization

Track Chairs: Huiping Li (CN), Ahmad Al-Dabbagh (CA), and Mingxi Liu (US)

TT06: ICPS Education and Social Aspects

Track Chairs: Anikó Costa (PT), Changhe Li (CN), and Claudia-Melania Chituc (PT)

TT07: Industry Forum

Track Chairs: Victor Huang (US), Allen Chen (US), Michael Condry (US), Yebin Wang (US)

TT08: Extended Abstract

Track Chairs: Marek Jasinski (PL), Xiaofeng Zong (CN), Mingxi Liu (US)

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